BJS Thanksgiving starts: buy 10 get 3 candies

All holders of BJS, because BJS has obtained funds from multiple venture capital institutions, such as: Lion Fund, Red Capital, XRP Foundation, Foxconn Group and Softbank Group. At present, the BJS platform has undergone a security upgrade, and the ecological construction has been very completed. Thanks to most investors in the currency circle for their love of BJS in the past two months. After the approval of the BJS Foundation, the "Athena" candy reward program will be held before the successful conclusion of the ICO.

The plan is as follows:
"Athena" track 1: BJS buy 10 get 3 candy bonus. As a loyal supporter of BJS, from 0:00(GMT+8)  on September 5th to 24:00 on September 15th, all people who subscribe to BJS will receive 10 purchases and 3 gifts!
"Athena" Soundtrack 2: The Visusl Mine is open every day for rewards. It starts at 0:00 on September 5th and ends at 24:00 on September 15th. After that, the Visusl mine will be halved to pay tribute to the BJS mining pool. All investors who subscribe to the Visusl mine at this stage will get this discount!
BJS official and BJS foundation
September 4, 2020



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