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What is Directory?

Created using input from real directory owners and years of experience, directory theme is perfect platform for those who want to not only create but also run successful, money making online business out of a directory site. Trusted by thousands, this is the best directory solution available today.

The website you create using this directory theme does not have to rely on just you submitting content. Assuming you allow it, every person that visits your site can also contribute. This is facilitated by customizable register and submission pages. You control every bit of information shown in both forms. Both forms come with a bunch of pre-existing fields allowing you to get started instantly.

One aspect that truly highlights Directory’s power is custom post type management. Add your own post type (e.g., Properties) and populate it with content. Allow visitors to do the same!

Most websites approach money-making indirectly by focusing on ad revenue. That’s all well and good, but it’s not what Directory is about. The best way to a steady income is to charge for content submission.

This is made possible using price packages that appear at the bottom of your submission pages. They are essentially payment plans; visitors can choose the one which works best for them. Helping you accept payments are two built-in payment methods: PayPal and PreBank transfer. PayPal comes with support for recurring payments. Dozens more available as optional add-ons.

Add an unlimited number of cities and manage them all from within a single WordPress install. Using geo-tracking features visitors can be automatically presented with a city that’s closest to them. You can also set it up so that the default city opens for each visitor.

Full integration with Google Maps ensures Directory will work virtually everywhere. Cool map features such as marker clustering and Street View are always at your disposal. Maps have been provided for essentially every section of the site; from the homepage to category and detail pages, Google is everywhere 🙂

Although catered to a global audience by default, Directory theme scales very well and is great for creating smaller directories. Use it to manage a single country, single state and even just a single city.

What do you get after purchasing Directory?

As previously mentioned, Directory is powered by a whole suite of plugins and themes. Most important of which isTevolution, our core app plugin used in the most advanced Templatic products. The plugin enables you to generate new post types, manage custom fields, bulk upload data with CSV files, generate submission forms and loads of other stuff.

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