The Safest Bet in Horse Racing

Bet in Horse Racing

People often ask if there exists any safest bet in horse racing. Our answer is, it does exist but it’s not quite as simple as you might think of it. Technically speaking, a safest bet would be the one that has more chances of making your pockets heavy than to diminish your bankroll.

There is somewhat a paradoxical situation associated with this. But it can be understood only by those who have been betting in horse racing for quite some time. Let’s try to understand what it means. In horse racing, if you win on your bets frequently then it doesn’t necessarily equate to the fact that your bankroll will not diminish. In contrast to this there is also a situation where your bankroll won’t diminish even if you are not hitting a winner frequently. Ask any Tipster and you will get the same information that we just stated here.

Bet in Horse Racing


Some people might say that the safest bet is the show bet. If you are not familiar with the term then let us explain it, a show bet is the one that has the highest probability of coming in. In simple terms it is a favorite. But what people don’t realize is that there are all kinds of favorites.

Take an example of a horse with exceptionally low odds, something like 4-5. Such horses incur show bets. But the payoff on such horses is really low. Most often you will end up earning just a fraction of the money you betted. Let us say that you are earning 10 cents on a dollar when the horse wins. Soon there will be an occasional disappointment and that occasional disappointment will normalize everything and the only question that you will be asking is “Where are my profits?”

In short you can say that you will be risking too much to earn too little. So we have again rounded up to the same question, does there exist a safest bet. The honest answer would be no. There is no such thing as a sure shot safest bet but there is definitely something called a safer bet. Following is a checklist of points that if followed, will lead to a safer bet.

  • Make sure the horse has won a race of the same distance.
  • Make sure the horse has won this class level earlier.
  • Make sure it’s not the oldest horse in the race.
  • Make sure the horse has raced at least twice in the same month and has not finished below the third position.

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