Making The Premises Secure Using The Driveway Alarm

Driveway Alarm

Nowadays the Drive way alarms are quite popular function as it is used extensively for the domestic purposes and also for business protection. The Drive way alarms are immediate opening doors automatically and they can be manually operated in the wireless mode from a certain distance. Keeping track of person coming and going in the property using this highly advanced electromagnetic sensor alert systems are possible. When the vehicle passes the sensor then it will make the receiver with the audible tone so that it will give you more option for knowing that someone has entered your property. Many advanced technology is used for providing the better additional layer of security in the property. The main aim of the Wireless Driveway Alarm device is to detect the vehicle entering and moving out of the property and makes you to control the gates in the property.

Driveway Alarm

Electromagnetic Technology:

It is possible to get the right driveway alarm device for improving the safety of the house as well as the property. The driveway alert system contains many devices such as Installation hardware, outdoor driveway transmitter, stake, transformer in the indoor receiver and announcer. This alarm system has electromagnetic technology that will give the best class method of securing the area with monitoring programs. The Professional grade electromagnetic sensor detection technology in-ground is used and it increases the fastest way of communication. The Electromagnetic driveway alert devices are helpful to

  • Detect the vehicles entering as well as exiting the driveway
  • Alerts you with the indoor chime
  • Easier for detecting in the range of 400 m from the driveway sensor or transmitter to indoor receiver
  • Does not detects the animals or people
  • Eliminates the false signals
  • Useful for detecting even in the extreme climates
  • Ideal to monitor parked boats, motorcycles, RVs and many more

New And Advanced Designs:

There are many different types of driveway alarm devices available so that it will be efficient for increasing the security systems in the property. The driveway alert system can be fixed anywhere nearby the parking area or pavement for detecting the moving vehicles in the wireless mode. The advanced designs of driveway alert have the reduced signals and it will eliminate the false alarms that are caused by the change in temperatures. The driveway alerts also have the adjustable dip switches to get the advanced “cross talk” method protection. Redesigning of programming is easier in the alarm option with the additional transmitters to add more features.

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