Greenland Glacier Loses Chunk the Scale of Manhattan

Jakobshavn glacier

Satellite pictures show that the world’s quickest moving glacier lost a bit of ice mensuration nearly five square miles over 2 days. Scientists say it’s one of the foremost important giving calving events on record.

Radar pictures of the Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland, taken from the ESA’s (European Space Agency) Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-2A weather satellites between 27th July and 19th August, show the huge glacier advancing westward before its front quickly people as an enormous chunk fell off it front, someday between 14th August and 16th Aug.

The European Space Agency estimates that the ice is concerning One Thousand Four Hundred Meters (4,600 feet) thick, which means that the piece lost includes a volume of concerning 17.5 cubic km, that is enough to hide the island of Manhattan in an exceedingly layer of ice virtually One thousand feet deep.

Jakobshavn glacier

Similar events have taken place as before, for instance in July 2010, however the area of this calving is nearly of double the dimensions of that event.

Greenland is that the world’s 2nd largest ice body, and melting of its ice sheet contributes concerning forty percent of current sea water level rise. Jakobshavn glacier drains 6.5% of the Greenland Glacier ice sheet and produces and tenth of its icebergs — totaling thirty five million tons of ice calved annually.

According to a wide-ranging new study comes out earlier this month within the Journal of Glaciology by the World Glacier Monitoring Service, within the initial a part of the twenty first century, glaciers area unit melting quicker than at any purpose within the last a hundred sixty five years — and probably any purpose in recorded history.