Foster the People band covers the Alabama Shakes’ hit ‘Hold On’ with ‘The Kooks’

Foster the People

A lot of attention has been paid to the efforts by Foster the People to cover ‘Hold On’, a major hit for the ‘Alabama Shakes’. They have been working with ‘The Kooks’ on the project. Luke Pritchard joined the ensemble in London. The main band had been offered a gig in the capital at the Brixton Academy which is capable of holding up to 5000 spectators. On the 29th of April they performed their last run and crowned it with a really good cover for a song that was associated with a legendary band. While speaking to the audience, the lead singer Mark Foster said that they were hoping to do something different. The cover was meant to reveal a new dimension to their talents.

Foster the People

The stars that make covers great

Some people might argue that the prospect of doing covers for a famous band is an indicator of some limited originality. However ‘Foster the People’ were able to bring a new dynamic to the tune and its delivery. Just last week, they were involved in a remix of a hit by Lana Del Rey which was titled ‘Blue Jeans’. That went onto the internet and has become something of a sensation. In this track they channel their affinity to clubbing and the culture of partying. There was a guest verse courtesy of Azealia Banks. Fans were completely enthralled by the pathos in the hit songs. You also have to commend them for consistently producing creepy videos.

It must be said that the career of ‘Foster the People’ is going from strength to strength. They are the first to acknowledge the journey that has been made. Mark Foster had this to say: “A year ago, we were playing the Hoxton Bar and Grill, which was pretty good, and now we’re here…I got to take a moment to take it all in.” The challenge is not to get overwhelmed by their rapid success.