Lisa Kudrow Tells the World 25 Things About Herself

Lisa Kudrow

Does the luxury lifestyle do something to celebrities? They seem to be getting weirder by the day. In any case Lisa Kudrow has decided to open up to the world. She has released a sort of statement concerning the 25 things which the general world did not know about her. Is this going to be a bestseller? In all probability only the fans will be interested in that level of detail. The rest will go into the trash can like all the gossip that is routinely bandied about.

  • Greetings and talents: Apparently people cannot quite get over the fact that Lisa is no longer acting in Friends. She ways that they keep saying: “Hi Phoebe?” Apparently she is not fluent in any foreign language. Some might point out that most Americans are in that exact situation so she is not really unique. The interesting bit is that she knows a little Turkish as a result of going out with a Turkish boyfriend in college. One of the skills that might help with auditions might result from the fact that she used to play the piano. There was once a time when the actress used to be good at tennis. Her attitude is to sit back because “doing nothing is more appealing than a hobby”. Is that really the right attitude for a woman in her prime? Maybe she has other plans.

Lisa Kudrow

  • Tastes and preferences for the star: Lisa is lucky enough to have enough money to lead the celebrity lifestyle without ever working again.  One of her creature comforts is watching “All about Eve”. Her exotic tastes are not far behind because she says that the best holiday she ever had was in Fiji. The 13 year old son has sensibly kept away from all the shows that his mother has been involved in. Lisa says that his tastes are more in tune with South Park than Friends. Of her childhood pets, she remembers a poodle named Woolly. Lisa is fond of cats but unfortunately most of the people in her family are allergic to them. Perhaps one of the cryptic things that she said is that she looks miserable when not smiling.
  • Diets and relationships: The actress admits a penchant for baking chip cookies. The producers of “Friends” will be dismayed to note that one of their stars does not remember specific episodes of the show. Every time she watches one, it is a new experience. It is hard to imagine but her first job was being a security guard at the local department store. Her talents include improvising on the Web Therapy show. Although she is happily married, Lisa does not wish to play backgammon with her husband because both parties are too competitive.  Her family tree includes people in Poland as described in “Who Do You Think You Are”, an ancestry television show.

Thoughts on stars and colleagues: Lisa thinks that Kellan Lutz is adorable especially during her show titled “The Comeback”.  This is one clever girl who studied biology and neuroscience. After 6 months in college, she decided that acting was the thing to do. She loves taking walks in order to stay in shape. Rather than reading books, she prefers to listen to them on tape.