Audi has Announced the R8 GT Week and Armored Audi A8

Armored Audi A8

Audi is a manufacturer of luxury cars. The R8 GT Week and Armored Audi A8 Armortech are causing something of a stir within the industry. Of course we recently heard that Armortech had added 400 mm to the wheelbase of the A8. The Russian firm is known for the stretched Bentley Mulsanne which is perfect for ambassadorial receptions.  The work on the Audi vehicles is impressive. In particular customers are going to be impressed by the level of modification as well as the attention which has been paid to the new models. A custom armored car is the ultimate accessory for the rich and prestigious set. Was that Audi A8 L not long enough? Apparently they wanted to create something out of the norm. Judging from the internet buzz, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  Both the rear and front doors have been extended to create about 400 mm extra.

Armored Audi A8

The front benefits from 150 mm and some people might complain that it complicates driving. Those complaints will certainly not come from the owner who is more than likely to be chauffeured around to their country estate. Some modifications have been made to the chassis, brakes and suspension in order to ensure that the extra length does not lead to further challenges for the people involved. Luxury amenities have been added including a retractable glass panel to separate the front compartment from that in the back. There is high end leather which is complemented by Alcantara. The wood veneer trim has been polished to within an inch of its life. You will love the complete media center which means that you can travel with your favorite music and videos.

Upgrading a vehicle for state craft

The protection rating for the A8 has gone up to the B6 level. You get a bullet proof glass setting as well as explosive resistant high strength wheels. Kevlar materials are used to ensure that the passengers are ensconced in a crowd of discreet security. In terms of the drive train, you get a 6.3 L W-12 engine which has a horsepower rating of 500 units. The torque is 460 lbs-ft under the hood. In addition this is a 4WD vehicle with all the resultant power. You are not really going to complain about the additions when they give you speed and security. At this level price is not as important as the statement that is made by the car and the security of the people who are travelling in it.

For contrast you may want to consider the new ZIL limousine which has also been worked over by the ArmorTech brand. From the Bentley Mulsanne to an award winning limousine, this is the car manufacturer of choice for the super rich. A luxury car without pedigree is not worth the paper it’s written on. These new enhancements do plenty to add to that pedigree.  The Mercedes S Class is a great car but this genre is another kettle of fish altogether.