Apple iPhone 4S is Far Better than its Detractors

Apple iPhone

We waited for the iPhone 5 but instead got the Apple iPhone 4S. It is nevertheless a great addition to the spectrum of items that dominate the smartphone market today. The specifications are hidden behind an exterior that is suspiciously similar to the plain iPhone 4. However once you delve into the inner workings of this gadget, you realize that they have completely triumphed over any people that may have niggling doubts about the whole scheme. The final product is stylish and efficient, a combination that seems to have eluded many participants within the Android set.

Apple iPhone

You can get the Apple iPhone 4S in white, a rather strange choice. The capacity is divided into 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Therefore you will pay a respective price set of $199, $299 or $399. The top price is very expensive for a mobile phone but this is no ordinary gadget. By the end of your test drive you will be absolutely convinced that you have taken the right decision when you purchase the item. The dimensions on record are 4.5” by 2.31” by 0.37”. This is fairly portable but not as spectacular as some of the super thin gadgets that are on the market at the moment. In any case we would hardly expect them to contract all those specifications in a minute gadget that is almost ashamed of its presence. If you can carry 4.9 oz or 140 grams then this phone will give you absolutely no problem on the way. It is a cellular and wireless international gadget with all the perks that we have come to expect from this class. The MHZ readings are 850, 900, 1900 and 2100. On the other hand the connectivity model is 802.11b/g/n with a Wi-Fi limit of 2.4GHz.

The phone comes with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. For location purposes you will be able to use the assisted GPS facility and the digital compass which comes with the standard package. There is a cellular outlook which is similar to all the other phones within the class. For the prices that have been quoted you get a retinal display on the 3.5” diagonal widescreen multi-touch display. You will get a resolution of 960 pixels by 640 pixels in a reading of 326ppi. The typical contrast ratio is 800:1 which is pretty impressive. There is a brightness mode of 500cd/m2 on the maximum scale. The oleophobic coating on both the front and the back is resistant to fingerprints. Being an international phone means that the Apple iPhone 4S is able to display different languages and characters at the same time.

The camera is a particular highlight on the Apple iPhone 4S. It is 8 megapixels and includes an autofocus feature. You will have access to face detection technology which is both fun and secure. LED flash has been added for good measure to allow video recording in HD at 1080p. This translates into roughly 30 frames per second.

When you use the Apple iPhone 4S, there is an inbuilt stabilization model for the videos which means that you get maximum benefits from the service.

At the moment everyone is completely in love with this phone. It gets 5 stars out of 5 for giving all those specifications without a compact device.